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Our story started in 2016 and it was quite by accident. However, this coincidence continues today, but now it is called falling in love with real estate and is a source of constant inspiration and motivation that is always a tailwind.

And here we are, from that small seed planted with love, the Deira real estate agency grew. Our roots are deep and firm, the tree solid and steady, and our curious branches are still spreading and growing, growing…

We always want to learn even more, work even better, provide our services even better! And we think that we are succeeding in that, because our positive energy pushes us forward, and your smiles are proof that our efforts and continuous improvement are worth it.

Sale, rent, purchase – apartment, house, business premises, land, then consultation and verification of documentation – for all that, but also much more, we and our external collaborators are at your disposal.

Satisfied clients are our only goal and our best recommendation.

Property owners
Thank you for letting us into your homes, your trust is precious to us and we will always try to justify and keep it. When you open the door of your apartment or house to us, you open the door of your life to us and allow us to peek into it and appreciate it endlessly. Between those walls, not only rooms and rooms were created, various stories were created – and we love stories! Your story is our driver and guide on our journey together.

Our brave property seekers!
Thank you for entrusting the search for a new home to us. Whether it is about buying an apartment or a house, the Deira real estate agency is happy to participate in your new beginnings, in the creation of new and joyful stories!
Of course, in addition to helping and organizing the entire process, from the first step (selecting a property) to the last (submitting documentation to the Land Registry), we may hang out a little more. If you need the services of an architect, we will be happy to recommend him. Maybe you'll also need builders? It can!
Maybe you'll want to invite us to the housewarming party? Hey man! We can't wait to see your new nest because we helped build it!

Our dear urban nomads! A new home is not just the one that was bought, right? We know this very well, we have been in your shoes. However, a temporary home is still a home, and that is why it is very important to choose the best. And that's where we come in – from the preparation of offers for apartments and/or houses to the day of moving in and lowering the coffin, we are with you. Thank you for your trust, we will always try to find you the best apartment or house for rent in Sarajevo.

Our dear  expats ! Diplomats, employees and managers of various companies, you who start your own business in our city, you who came for a tourist visit and stayed forever, you who came to study! – welcome to all of us! Thank you for being the first door you knocked on, the Deira real estate agency.
It is our pleasure to find a new home for you in our beautiful city, renting an apartment or house in Sarajevo is our specialty.

Our mission is to make you feel at home here.


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